Links of Interest:

A Few Bicycle Websites:
Bicycling Across America (my ride with friends in 2006)
The Bike Snob (mockery of cycling culture)
Sheldon Brown (how to fix your bike)
Kurt's Big Ride (around the world)
MTB Expedition Team (cool MTB trips)
Mushy Pea (more cool MTB trips)
Alastair Humphreys (around the world)
Unicycling the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route(2009)
Tilmann Waldthaler (most traveled man in the world)
Helen Lloyd (solo bike ride down Africa, more good links)
Pablo Garcia (around the world)
Other Cycle-touring pics/blogs(more than you can shake a stick at)
Martin and Nadine (around the world by bike and canoe)
Riding the Spine (Alaska to Argentina with cargo-bikes)
Bamboo Bikes (Full cost analysis of producing bamboo frames in Ghana)
Bamboo Bike tour (AK to Argentina on Calfee bamboo bikes)
Cycling Silk (biking along the Silk Road)
WishFish cycle ramblings.  good read
While Out Riding the best bike touring blog i have found

Interesting Journeys:
Tractor Tractor Dutch Girl driving a tractor to the South Pole
Around-n-Over Human Powered Circumnavigation: Erden Eruc
Goliath Expedition Karl Bushby's walk around the world
Bumfuzzle Sailing around the world, Porsche 356 racing, VW bus travel
Tim Cope Stunning journeys in Mongolia/Siberia
Swell Voyage Liz Clark surfs and sails solo around the world
Across the Andes Montana couple walks 7800 miles down the Andes
Roz Savage rowing across the world's oceans solo

Blogs of Travelers I've Met Along the Way:
Steel Horse Tour 2 Aussies ride to Argentina from Canada on sweet BMW motorbikes, met in Creel.
2 Californians sailing around Shawn and Chris, met them in San Blas, Mexico
The sustainable traveler Eli and Ale travel overland to Argentina.  met in Oaxaca. Website in Spanish.
Kate West Neat Australian backpacker with neat pictures.
ChocoVango Biff's adventures in his VW bus

Fabian Riding a Honda 650cc around the world.  met in Panama.

Humorous Quantization/Analysis of Pop Culture:
Graph Jam

Web Comics I Enjoy:
XKCD:  Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language
Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery

Businesses that sell cool stuff:
Speer Hammocks Totally awesome camping hammocks with removable bug nets
Pangolin4x4 for anything Land Rover
Jay's Knives Great online knife store, can find anything, and always answers the phone.