01 March 2012

a visit from my brother

My brother came down to visit me.  We wandered around Buenos Aires and Uruguay for a few weeks.  It was great.

Chances of being scalded or blasted with cold water?  80%

nice to see somebody down here doing some nice custom work

aaaaand some ridiculous custom work

the port was full of great looking bows and sterns

the streets are full of shady sycamore trees

schwinn varsity crossing!

always up for a beer and a good chat

in a cafe or as the sun goes down over the river

this motor is a winner!

rolling in the CheryQQ308 (actual model name of our chinese rental)

then i caught dinner at the montevideo water treatment plant

the ''AC'' went from little hot to lotta hot

gatorade comes in ''blue'' flavor here

camping with CheryQQ308

Uruguayan rally racing

pleasant cobbled streets of colonia and a cool crosswalk sign

cool hostel had a moroccan door

the darts game went a bit astray...  sorry celiar!


cute Mateo was a true hat thief

the waves were breaking overhead directly on the shore

uruguay has great sandwiches.  this is a milanesa, which goes: bread, mayo, lettuce, breaded tenderized steak, grilled ham-cheese-ham, mayo, tomato, lettuce, chimichurri sauce, hot sauce, grilled peppers, bread

so does the whiskey come with the pringles or do the pringles come with the whiskey?

me and my bro

yeah, there was a full circle rainbow.

double full circle rainbow oh my god!

a monument to motorcyclists of south america.

renting bikes and cutting through buenos aires traffic reminded us of frogger

T can't resist launching into the ball pile.  we peaced out when the disgruntled fat guy started our way

there are some amazing buildings in BA

the cemetary looks like New Orleans, but most of the burial vaults are massive, extending downwards

i caught a bus back to patagonia, which affords a unique perspective from the second level.

yeah, patagonia is awesome.

old car photos

This post is a collection of car photos I have taken over the past few weeks...

daihatsu diesel pickup in bariloche

self portrait

RHD model A ford!

series 3 rover in buenos aires

merc for sale in uruguay

double headlights among the many goodies on this rover

1948 Ford Fordson pickup, made in England

downtown buenos aires

series 1 beach rig

rover shop

extended cab toyota bandeirante pickup with merc diesel

fiat multipla with roof rack


old citroen needs watering

austin pickup

buick roadmaster

fiat topolino

looks good with a visor



renault maybe?

guy wanted 6k for his KB2.   HA!

vespa pedal car WITH side car.  among other goodies

fiat pickup

check out the wacky bus

humber command car.  alumnium body!  front fenders are steel (obviously)

jewett?  shoulda used the old dodge brothers logo.  hehe

ready for export BACK to the USA

weapon of mass instruction