01 March 2012

old car photos

This post is a collection of car photos I have taken over the past few weeks...

daihatsu diesel pickup in bariloche

self portrait

RHD model A ford!

series 3 rover in buenos aires

merc for sale in uruguay

double headlights among the many goodies on this rover

1948 Ford Fordson pickup, made in England

downtown buenos aires

series 1 beach rig

rover shop

extended cab toyota bandeirante pickup with merc diesel

fiat multipla with roof rack


old citroen needs watering

austin pickup

buick roadmaster

fiat topolino

looks good with a visor



renault maybe?

guy wanted 6k for his KB2.   HA!

vespa pedal car WITH side car.  among other goodies

fiat pickup

check out the wacky bus

humber command car.  alumnium body!  front fenders are steel (obviously)

jewett?  shoulda used the old dodge brothers logo.  hehe

ready for export BACK to the USA

weapon of mass instruction


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