18 May 2011

Steel-toe SPD cycling shoes

After having my last pair of custom shoes stolen, I decided to upgrade.  These are heavier, but far better for kicking people with.  I'm sure you can relate.

draw a line where the pedal axle should go.
ignore the line and just start hacking a hole in your shoe sole. stretching the rubber makes it easier to cut.

make enough space to fit the cleat and clear the pedal.

remove foam forefoot pad

dump in a load of glue

make a hard-sole leather replacement for the foam, and bolt your cleats to it using T-nuts.  jam it in there.  use epoxy to seal the deal.

SPD steel-toe cycling boots / shoes.  Yaaaargh

go celebrate at the Mezcaleria

La Luchadora de Guadalupe

Drink a Chela and kick back after a day of cutting up shoes.


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Kevin Horgan said...

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