04 July 2012

Chile and Friends

photo essay of 2 months in Chile...

no word exists to say that which you feel.  every word will be non-useful when you feel the love.

getting ready for the ferry to Puerto Montt with a cool Willy's wagon

puerto montt

getting friendly with the 3 legged statue.  they look happy!

shopping list at Felipe's house.  If only we knew who those 2 strippers would be...

making new friends (australia, chile, usa, germany)

enduro camping

nothing is worse...  

nacho finds humor in my ability to pass out in 2 beds at the same time

lazy sunday foam fight

lunch with francisco, nacho, and jose

time to clean the moto

2 glorious weeks of dog sitting for Lorraine

time for a new sprocket

pisco and coke, garnished with a crab.  naturally a great sundowner

luiza, the russian, whips up her chocolate caramel treat

lunch on deck

Lorraine's at sundown


Happy to see their mommy.

yeah, that's a chocolate fountain.  francisco and his wonderful family.  and wonderful friends from colombia and uruguay

pisco soure with sriracha sauce?

not the best idea...

Holly heads for Alaska on her old trek

we got hose

afternoon tours of Santiago with Holly

Rodrigo and Tomi in Javier's apartment

i miss my bicycle

Javier Aguilar, a great friend and a bike lover.  I can't say enough good things about him.

Tomi is good for 45 minutes in the backpack before he starts squirming

Felipe is an awesome engineer, dad, friend, and heavy metal fan

can't watch a soccer game without meat.

it's fine if it's small, so long as it's intense..

painting skulls with Francisco

he's right, horse skulls look like backwards alien skulls.

thanks to Analaura and Francisco, my motorcycle is more colorful

Yerka, Javier's mom, makes wonderful food, art, and used to dominate the Patagonian rally scene with her hotrod Mini.

chinchilla crossing.  no shit!

precaution.  zone of curves and steep grades.

looking skyward out of an earth tube dome

Marleus is building some earth bag houses in Valle Elqui

better than the highway

following the coast northwards

panam highway chile

empty highway

oh no, i forgot to put my oil cap on!!!

never fear.  chilean truck drivers will make you a new one from the dumpster!

motorcycle and semi shown for scale.  the bed goes on a different truck

i finally got enduro serious and changed out my front tire.  from wombat to combat.

visiting the valley of the moon.

salt crystals

camping in an old bus

mica crystals

now you know how to say mine field in quechua.

i found an old bus to camp in

the only tree in the desert makes a great rest spot

yep, it's salt

the plain of patience

salt and lithium deposits from the mineral springs

salt sand and sky

roasting chiles with cheese over the fire

exploring without roads

motorcycle rides at 10 degrees are a little cold for Susi.

time to warm up in the geyser bath


Dan said...

Burney, we need more info on what you're doing for junk fo...I mean, quick-hitting calories.

I assume Chile and Bolivia are not huge Little Debbie markets, but you gotta stay awake on those desert rides somehow, right? Or does that explain why there were no pictures of chinchillas themselves?

Matt said...


You can get a plate of stir fried steak, onions, and tomatoes with french fries, rice, soup, and a drink for about 1 US Dollar. No Little Debbie needed. Gorge yourself and ride on for another 2 or 2 hours. But a fist full of coca leaves, mixed with stevia and ash, packed in your cheek certainly keeps the day rolling, quenching thirst, hunger and fatigue all in one. In france, i think you will need nutella on baguette... or just dip the bread in olive oil with balsamic and oregano...

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