16 August 2012

A visit from family in Cusco

My mom and uncle came down for a week of family time and some excursions to the remains of the Incan empire.  We had a lot of fun and nobody threw up.  Great success.
getting adventurous with chicken on a stick
there we are in all our glory (formatting fail)

there's llamas at machu picchu

there are quite a few switchbacks on the road to the ruins
late day sun on the ruins of the sacred city of the inca
waffle with the works
sibling time on the train
mom's all tuckered out
my mom is awesome
brother and sister
a visit to the ruins of pisaq
thankfully mom didn't fall off the trail
no shortage of awe inspiring earthworks here
say hello to my new travel companion
shell and skeleton of some wacky prehistoric critter found buried in cusco
a young woman works on weaving while tending her animals.  paso abra cuyuni
we definitely stayed in the nicest hotel of my whole trip.
mom at the ruins of Sachsaywaman (pronounced sexy woman, approximately)
naturally, we had to go to the Russian circus.  it was rad.


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