10 January 2013

Colombia, again

Back in Colombia, I set to work on making the most of December and getting ready for a transition back to my bicycle.  That's right, back on the bicycle :)

Making natilla on the fire-- a mix of milk, sugar, flour, and spices made during Christmas season

Esmeralda's birthday starts with cake fresh from the wood-fired oven

spanish practice :)

adrian and cat

bike frame is back from paint.  hott yellow!

Manuela is learning to unicycle...

Birthday cake!  big 3-0

long lost brothers?

they made me a great piñata!

white russians fo my birthday

2 yellow horses :)

getting ready to head out on tour

leaving san antonio

cars for sale

if you've read tom sawyer and have a cool bike, you can get this guy to ride it up the mountain for you

we're in indiana!  or are we?

alena and hardy from germany are headed from alaska to argentina

how many germans does it take to close a saddlebag?

traveling back in time

tatanka, in amarillo pollito.

camping at an abandoned army base

the road gets rough

potato harvest

road gets rougher

now it's just a trail, but a nice one

abandoned country home

now we are following the cows

time for bridge jumping

russian import

chiva AKA bus escalera.  mountain transport

after 2 hours of hard climbing, we hop the bus

dizzying drops off the road edge.  routinely the driver hangs a wheel over the abyss

morning in aguadas

super duty, colombia style


long way down and back up the other side.  an afternoon's work

ice cream earned

salamina doorways

beautiful morning for a climb

monstertrucks from green bay, wisconsin in manizales at the fair

drug store!  with drugs!

20 bananas for about 55 cents.  yesss pleeeeeease.
more adventures to come :).  it feels good to be abck on the road, if only for a month.


bikegreaseandcoffee said...

not that I have anything against motorcycles but its nice to see you back on a bicycle. I'm back in the saddle my self. Rolling down from the top of the East Coast and gonna make the skip to Columbia from Florida. Safe travels.

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