11 January 2011

¡Ay Chihuahua!

Location: Ciudad Guerrero, Chihuahua, Mexico
Tortilla count so far: 100 (60 pack, 30 pack, 10 pack)
Days on the road: 15
Nights above freezing so far: 0
Typical elevation: 5000 ft
Miles so far (estimated): no idea, but guessing around 500?
Offroad miles (estimated): 50
Shower count: 5

All's rolling well down here in Chihuahua state.  Some days have a lot of up, some a lot of down, some with horrible headwind, some with mild tailwind.  No strong tailwinds yet :(.  The border crossing went smoothly-- I skipped a few miles down to Buenaventura (a great place to start riding anyways).  The weather gets into the 50s during the day and into the 20s or maybe teens at night.  I'm in search of a cheap sombrero to shield my face from the perpetual southern sun I will be riding into for the next few months.  I{m hoping to check out a few national parks in the area before working my way south along the continental divide (la sierra madre).  I find it fascinating to see all the late model american pickups down here.  The Dodge 2500 and 3500s are really popular.  The difference is that here, everything is paid for.  Everybody knows the word "CASHONLY." 
the end of my allen wrench will permanently remain there...  i just bought a new bolt instead, with a more vise-grip friendly head.

hell yeah!

the ol' Separ road on the ol' Continental Divide

Look closely at the driver.

hachita sunset


Last day in America til...?

¡caballos!  ¡montañas!

winding into the mountains on just another 4 hour climb.  ho hum.


mexican rollercoaster on la sierra madre

so chic! i was proclaimed the only white guy to visit temosachic in 20 years.


morning on the high plains.

they could pave chihuahua with empty tecate cans.


Unknown said...

Glad to see you got going on your trip! I think the coffee book of signs is a good idea.

Unknown said...

nice sunset. my alien got taken by the TSA. **Holds fist in air**

dd_traveler said...

yea for your updates!! :) :) :)

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