22 March 2011

Climbing a Volcano: Nevado de Colima (Zapotepetl)

Location: Jalisco state, Mexico
Elevation: 14,240 ft ASL, or 4340 m

We drove a few hours on Sunday and spent about 8 hours climbing the volcano and returning to camp.  We cooked some hobo dinners on the fire, toasted mallows, and swallowed some ibuprofen for some altitude headaches.  We drove back to Guadalajara on Monday with a stop for some chilaquiles and a tire blowout :(.    All in all a great little adventure.  I sent a SPOT message from the summit so you can find it on the map.

Volcan Nevado de Colima.  Duh.

Charla and Mike on the approach from base camp.

Charla snacks at Camp 1

Hanging out at the south col.

Charla offers up some homemade granola bars below the Hillary step.

Mike above the Hillary step, looking out above the haze.
Click here for a 15 second video of me racing to the summit, with a smoking Volcan de Fuego behind... I was exhausted from the altitude after this hike! I loaded the videos on Google Video, which won't let me embed them here :(.

We proudly fly the black flag at the summit.

Buddha approves.

Napping with a resting heartrate of 120 BPM.  Yikes, time to descend!

Posing on the ridge of skewed gravity.

Through the sunglasses...

Fun descent begins!
Click here for a short video of Charla and Mike running down above treeline.

Charla is happy.

Had to stop and gawk at the most ridiculous statue abs ever.  

Ponchado!  Que triste!

Yesssssss!  another airbrush self portait!  


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