30 March 2011

San Miguel de Alto y de Allende

Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Punctures to date: 2
Months on the road: 3
Tortilla count: 569
Crashes this stretch: 4

after leaving Guadalajara, I came upon a small town 2 days later called San Miguel de Alto.  I immediately fell in love with the town and a small group of friends living there.  After spending one day, I knew I had to leave or the situation could become permanent.  The Vortex, as they say...  I zoomed onward to Guanajuato, and spent an afternoon exploring it's many interesting tunnels and alleyways.  My photos don't do it justice.  Just come visit.  It is sensory overload.  Afterwards, I decided that I needed some pain, sweat, and misery, so I took off on dirt roads up through the mountains.  The roads thinned to tracks to a little trail.  I lugged everything up and over the mountains and down the other side.  I was rewarded with sweeping views and some great downhills on old cow trails.  After taking my bearings (I had no idea where I was), I rode onwards to San Miguel de Allende.  This place is chock full of artists, colonial architecture, and a bit too many retirees.  Nonetheless, it is beautiful.  Next destination is a place called Barranca del Tolantongo-- I can barely place it on the map, but I hear it's nice this time of year.  Somewhere southeast in the mountains...

Whoa guys, this one is extra steep.

I was going to sleep here without the tent, but there were just too many crawly things exploring my face as I was trying to fall asleep.

outside of mirandillas

having a hitchhiking discussion with Oscar at the tennis match. (photo Rut Encino)

Where your delicious organic tea comes from.  Rut's greenhouse dome.

I helped Rut by picking Calendula.  Very educational and fun day. Send an email to adelfa.mr @ gmail if you'd like to order some.

The ''Homeless'' friends of San Miguel de Alto

The entire town is built from a pink stone called Cantera.  Here a motorcycle zooms by, reflected in a car hood.

probably the most disgusting shampoo ever.  i think i need another shower.  Yumm, placenta passion.

neon lights on the spanish church.  welcome to Mexico.

San Miguel de Alto with a master world traveler: Oscar.  Someday we will pit bike against thumb in a race.

In case the stacks and mudflaps weren't enough, I wrote it on my tailgate with electrical tape.  You can't imagine my excitement.  I miss the whistle of Ol' Swolley!!!!!

1963 Datsun for sale.  60,000 pesos.  Probably one of the few cars that appears to be on Donks when they're really 17s.

Probably the most agressive cycling sign i've ever seen.  He's in the drops!

Dolfin therapy?  Awesome.

Jesus = up.

A step up from the hobby horse, this guy just lacks a down tube.

Another day gone by, outside León.

Entering Guanajuato, the most colorful city ever.

Welcome to Guanajuato.

Have some tacos and jugo de jamaica.

Guanajuato is full of tunnels.  A moto whizzes by in the darkenss.

The streets are narrow and full of cobbles or bricks and cool doors and balconies.

cool doors everywhere, some with very legit iron work. some just neat patina.

mural and guanajuato cityscape.

so full of color!  Guanajuato!

evening time in Guanajuato.

Watercooled VW bus!

This Willy's had power steering and an oilpan big enough to swallow one of the old 4-cylinders.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find the owner to pop the hood.

chilling at the top of the funicular.
Rooftop camping in Guanajuato.  Dawn.

Back into the desert for some crusty exploration.  Ahhhhhh.

Some hooligans in El Cubo.  Notice the mining equipment playground.  There is some seriously insane downhill riding the concrete alleyways in this town.

Crunching gravel in the Guanajuato desert.
Plunging down some cow trail into oblivion.  The trail actually crossed the mountains beyond, but that was an extremely heinous day.

Getting into the cactus forest.

then up into the oak forests.  not very rideable at this point.

Camping below the gear shuttle section.

midway up the steepest stretch with an empty Tatanka.

rewarded at the top with some cool hard rock singletrack riding.

dropping down the other side.  most was too steep and loose for my skill level and 100 lb. bike.
above my skill level.

Cool ranch sign out in the Guanajuato desert.

Shot-up signs just remind me of America.

Relaxing in Parque Juarez in San Miguel de Allende

Billy's shop with lots of natural light and automotive mobiles. (automobiles?)

I leave you with a video of some serious chicken...

Drool Inducing Brick Rotisserie Oven from trog dor on Vimeo.



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and all I did was finally manage some intermediate terrain on snowboard without falling - I am envious of your adventures!!! and appreciative of the pics :)

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