04 January 2011

Truth or Consequences

Let's start with some figures:

Current location: Silver City, NM
Days with hail: 1
Times scared nearly to death by tumbleweed in the dark: 3
miles on I-25: 25
miles spent lost on irrigation ditch roads: 10
meals w/ green chile: 5
ideal fork air preload: 52 psi
Average mileage: 41
most intimidating place name: Jornada del Muerto (Journey of the Dead)
Best name: Truth or Consequences
New Year's Eves camped in a culvert: 1
Casualties of the road: 1 allen wrench, 1 mitten, and a half bag of Cheetos
Biggest news: Little Debbie now makes cupcakes.  They're delicious.

I assembled Tatanka at my brother's house then we drove to Albuquerque.

We stayed with Julie and they gave me an escort out of town.

When you see a polar bear out enjoying the weather, you'd better be ready.

Tour de signage begins.  I should make a coffee table book.

I NEEDED a hot tub right then, so "no"

All your rust-free power wagons with PTO winches are belong to me!

The sheriff rolled up with a lady in the car and pink handcuffs on the dash.  He advised me to head for shelter.  Last sunset of 2010.

a little something for everyone. including CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything)

empty highway 152 awaits you, with a 5000 foot climb in the distance.

Emory Pass... snowy, but rideable.  I was glad to still have my mittens.

the plows were hard at work laying cinders for my ride down.

the Santa Rita open pit mine is named after the town they bulldozed to better access the ore.  They pull out over 1.4 billion lbs of copper a year. 
I'm catching up on some bike maintenance and doing some route research.  Should be rolling south tomorrow morning.  I'm working on a chart of nutritional calorie to weight ratio for the foods I'm carrying.  Expect Little Debbie to reign supreme until I take on the chicharrones of Chihuahua.


bikegreaseandcoffee said...

Hey all right man! On the move at last!!! Hey if you have not already you should really track down Dave and Josh out at the Bikeworks in Silver City. Also if you see a dude zip past you with a cycling cap, beard flapping and on a nice Rivendell? Flag him down, his name is Glenn and he is the nicest guy you will ever meet! (and also really into bikes and touring) Happy new years and sweet dirt roads to ya! Kurt

Unknown said...

love the bathroom survey. why doesn't every bathroom have one of these??

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