22 February 2011

¿Adonde Va, Guero? a Spanish lesson...

20 minutos: common unit of measure used by residents of the Sierra to mean anything from 3 hours to 3 days by bicycle, foot, or car.

derecha/o:  ''to the right'' or ''to the left'' or ''straight.''  watch the gesturing closely.

¿adonde va guero?: where are you going, ye of pale complexion?

There are many roadside shrines, built out of many materials, or carved into the rock.

Learn Spanish: The yellow says ''attention please men that make the pee, raise the lid.'' The orange says ''please flush it thanks``

Tire shop.  Frequently they change oil too.  Sign is always painted on a tire.

One day to Sgo. Papa, 2 to Canatlan, 3 to Durango.

topes.  they look fake on the sign, but feel more real the faster you go.

no applying engine brake next 2 km.  i always make the ''BRAA-AAAA-AAAAh...'' noise when i read the sign.

epic shrine?  or epic desponchandora?

epic shrine.

simply awesome.

i lit the butterfly one.

expect to find direction signs nowhere near junctions.  and without any distances.


F350 meets econoline?  I`ve seen a few of these down here.

show me the candy...  Yonke = junkyard

taller = repair shop  sierra = saw.  sierra nevada = snowy saw

You can get your hair cut and bike fixed in the same place but not at the same time.

Mohawk and beard trim, with Dandi the attack dog in the background.

Noe will fix your bike.  His shop is well appointed with top quality parts.

And you can trade him your pocket knife for Avid BB7 brake pads

Comparing mohawks with Dandi.

trick: crush candy with pliers and mix with superglue.

instant, awesome shoe repair!

Tecate can stove demo for the coconos salvajes (wild turkeys) cycle club.

Noe`s shop, with some Santiago riders and the popular beer can stove.

My guide leaving town while herding cows, an up and coming local racer named Gerardo.

A successful climb out of the valley, with Sgo. Papasquiaro in the background.

mexican road kill.

Move over Axelrod, a platform of LGBT rights and scratch-made biscuits is unstoppable.

Fidel and Juanita took me into their home for some food and comfort in Canatlan.  Fidel is a electric lineman and met my friends Kurt and Kelly in the nearby mountains last year.  They got fed too :)

Keeping your lights on in Canatlan with their Ram 2500

Bridge over the river of sauce.

Scorched earth is your choice if you get tired of dodging bigrigs and buses on the highway.

I hadn't seen a lake in a while, or a tree in the middle of a lake.

Durango capital.


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gonna have to remember the candy/super glue thing. i can see it now, mice chewing on my shoes instead of my food bag.

we do something similar with sawdust to fill nail holes when we install hardwood. it color matches perfectly.

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