03 February 2011

Halfway to Arkansas...

Each time plans change and starts falsify themselves, I find another chance to turn back, to back out.  Each time, my excitement for the road ahead grows.  My resolve strengthens.

"Looking back's a bad habit" -Marshall Rooster Cogburn, True Grit

Instead of flying back to Chihuahua and killing 10 days waiting for the famous Farokh to arrive with his mountain bike, I decided a few more days at home, some quality time with Dad, and a tour of the deep south with a dear friend would fill the gap nicely.  Here's an assortment of shots from that process.  I should be in Creel and on the bike by Saturday.  Let's hope it is waiting for me!

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Miles by car in the last 3 months: at least 12,244
Different vehicles: at least 19
Ratio of Rebel Flag Sightings to country songs mentioning lip gloss: 7:3
Best Gas Station Name: Hugs and Biscuits #2 in Mansfield, AR
Worst Business name: STD Engineering in Cleveland, GA
Best Advertisement: Free T-shirt with Bond-- Bad Boys Bail Bonds in Huntsville, AL

The talk radio was superb as well.  Within 90 seconds, one show transitioned through outrage at the $100 fine imposed on underage smokers, to outrage at muslim children "totin' knives to school" as part of their religion, to outrage at the inclusion of ethanol in gasoline, which is causing the death of the carburetor.  They recommended Yamalube as the best antidote to fuel system damage in your weed trimmer before moving onto other topics.  Another show was giving away free pork sausage to callers who would squeal like a pig to the tune of dueling banjos for 15 seconds.  All this in honor of "Ground Hog" Day.

Poppo's view over the Hudson River Valley.

Matthews Bicycles in Indianapolis has more bikes in stock than any shop I have ever seen.

My personal bike shop.

Dad goes heavy with the Gradall G3WD

No trip to rural Alabama is complete without a stop at the Coon Dog Cemetery.

There are several hundred dogs resting here.  It breaks your heart.

The handmade markers make it even more touching.

I know you are about to cry.

Many were too old to read.

Some were little shrines with treats or toys left behind.

I loved reading all the names.  The engraving is cool too!
This one is extra sad.  Be warned.

So much love.  So sad...

There was a little raccoon tucked into the tree at the top of the "obelisk"  So Awesome!!!

Our route took us down the Natchez Trace, bike touring heaven.

Gotta stop and check out the old Power Wagons with PTO winches!!!

And salvage yards full of trucks waiting for a new home...


dd_traveler said...

Love seeing the world through your eyes :) (poor coon dog died doing his thing... very touching!)

Anonymous said...

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