20 February 2011

MTB and the Santiago Papasquiaros

One day I´m riding down the highway north of Tepehuanes, and Cesar stops his van in front of me and wants to take a picture.  He gives me some cookies and tells me to check out MTB sin Limites, a bicycle shop in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico.  There Noe tells me he is going riding with Cesar´s brother tomorrow and has a spare bike in my size.  Conveniently, he has brake pads for my Avid BB7s (among other brand name parts!!!), which I trade my new Gerber knife for.  Also, I trade him a mini-leatherman for a sweet Smith and Wesson straight razor.  Conveniently, he´s also a barber and gives me a fresh cut (note signage in the beginning of the video).  Today we went on a sweet ride up into the mountains.  I was able to throw together a brief video of the ride from video from Noe´s camera.  Unfortunately, the computer does not like AVCHDLite, the style of my camera.  The music is what I could find on the computer. Enjoy!

Aventura Santiago: Piedras Sin Limites from trog dor on Vimeo.


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que tal soy noe urje que pongas tu traductor para que lo podamos entender lo que pones

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check this out:


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